Blog Introduction

Good Afternoon!

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself and the intentions of this site. My name is Shawn and I am currently a Safety Manager for Thompson Construction Group out of Sumter, SC. I have been in a safety role for close to 10 years and have a range of experience. I live in Diamondhead, MS with my fiancée, Kristy, along with her two girls. I also have two children that live with their mom full time.

The main reason I got into the safety field is because there is a need for the safety professional. Workers sometimes are distracted by production goals, in-experience, and lack of training. In the past, I did not like the way that safety managers handled the job sites. A lot of safety professionals are not willing to learn the work procedures and stick to the book. I truly believe that a good safety man will find a way to safely complete the task with minimal impact. I keep my “safety police badge” locked up and work with the employees in the field to ensure safe production is the main focus. 

Here are my goals for this site:

  1. Produce material that can easily be used in the workplace
  2. Educate workers in the Safety and Risk field
  3. Relay information from my personal network of safety professionals to all
  4. Communicate using common information and references

By following these goals, we can all work safe, everyday!

The information that I will be posting comes from my past education, experience, and even the internet. Please support the site by posting relevant comments. This site is meant to keep people safe and not to argue with each other (Nobody wants to keep reading a blog of constant arguing). Keep in mind that there are different regulations for different industries. My background in Construction and General Industry so the majority of my information will be focused in those areas.


Thanks again for stopping by and be safe!

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