Attitude After an Incident

After an incident, the attitude on a site can be quite tense. People react differently to the same situation and others can still be affected weeks after the initial incident. Here are some roles that people could have after a major event:

  1. The Injured –
    1. Have the attitude that it should not have happened to them.
    2. Upset that they let the company down
    3. Hold a grudge against another worker or supervisor
    4. Quick to point blame
  2. The Helper –
    1. Upset that they did not know of the hazard
    2. Scared of the operation
    3. Worried about their job
  3. The Observer
    1. Upset that they did not see an issue
    2. Worried about management asking questions
    3. Quick to point blame
  4. The Supervisor
    1. Worried about the injured person
    2. Upset that an injury happened at the site
    3. Angry at the worker
    4. Worried about production
  5. The Investigator
    1. Worried about gathering facts
    2. Nervous interviewing people
    3. Upset at extra work load
  6. The Owner
    1. Worried about production
    2. Upset with negative attention
    3. Worried about the injured worker
    4. Worried about Insurance

These are just some of the attitudes that people will have on a site that just experienced a major event. It is essential to get statements as soon as possible to keep other workers from influencing them on what to say. Also, this practice will keep workers separated and less arguing in the field so you can get a good statement. It is best to stay calm and not point blame during this time. The workers you are interviewing can become guarded and only complain about the incident instead of helping to solve it.

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