New CPR Requirement for High School Seniors

A High School in New Jersey will be the first school to make a requirement for all graduating seniors to be certified in CPR. The biggest chance in survival happens with in the first 5 minutes of cardiac arrest. After that, the survival rate is 50/50. The average response time for emergency medical teams averages at 7 minutes. So you can see the benefit right away, especially with students doing activities like sports, boating, camping, etc. The training even includes learning how to properly use an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). As technology increases, the public will see the AEDs become more common.

Dr. Langer, the Director of Emergency Medicine at Hackensack University Medical Center, stated “There is about 400,000 cases of cardiac arrest that take place outside of a hospital setting each year. The survival rate is below 10%.” She goes on to explain that children are more at risk because they are affected more by lack of oxygen. Quick response is essential. This eliminates the confusion and makes the student a responder.

Overall, I believe that this will be a great advantage. High school students are at that point in life where they are capable of doing CPR as long as they are properly trained. It only takes a few minutes for brain damage to occur and having more people trained will keep more people alive. Proper CPR Training only takes less than a day to learn, so why not make that commitment?

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