3 seconds for safety

When a worker has a near miss or an accident, they all say to themselves “I should have thought about that.” This could pertain to a safety step, a piece of Personal Protective Equipment, or a process method.

Hindsight is always 20/20. Unfortunately, after the event, it is too late. Consider taking 3 seconds for safety before you start your job. Taking 3 seconds for safety is really nothing. As a matter of fact, the underlined sentence you just read took 3 seconds. It’s the same amount of time it takes to tell your spouse that you love them or kiss your kids good night.

Taking 3 seconds for safety before you start a job is only a little time but it give you the chance to quickly think about things like identifying all of the hazards, are all guards in place, do I have and will I follow a plan, and do I have the right protective gear.

Encourage your coworkers, friends, and family to take 3 seconds for safety before making that next torch cut, before disconnecting the cables from that circuit breaker, before taking the first step on that 16-foot extension ladder, before breaking that process flange connection, and just before working on the lawnmower or changing that light fixture in the garage.

On average, 16 workers die in an occupational setting each day. Taking 3 seconds for safety today, could help to ensure a lifetime of healthy tomorrows for you and your family.

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