Decisions & Choices

Every day, we face thousands of decisions. Some are major decisions that can affect our lives like starting a new relationship or changing job. Other decisions are minor, like what food will you have for dinner or what route should you take for the ride in to work. How do we come to make that decision? Decisions are the things that actually drive the choices that we all make. These are selections that people make based on information that is learned throughout the years.
Many people don’t know the difference between the two, so I will break it down for you.


A decision is the end of a selection procedure as it cuts out or kills several options while one of the options is chosen. Decision is the final result of a thought process that begins with choices or opportunities. This can and does happen in your mind hundreds of times a day. Everyday brings new challenges for us, and we are required to make decisions, some simple and inconsequential and some hard and very important.


Once your mind goes through the decision process, you need to choose what to do. A choice is the act of making the selection after all of your decisions are weighed and some are eliminated. The word choice comes from the word choose which refers to the act of accepting, adopting, favoring, opting for, and/or settling. Your choice happens after the decision process makes sense of the information.

Here is an example of the whole process –

If you go into an ice-cream shop, you have multiple decisions to make as there are so many flavors. Your decision process eliminates some flavors because you don’t like the way it tastes. Your process finishes and you make your choice based on the decisions you just made. The act of making your choice happens when you tell the worker what flavor you want.

Now that we understand Decision & Choice, we need to focus this on the safety process. Decisions & Choices are made from the information that we learn. This is why a company must continue to “teach” safety and make it a continual process. If workers are continually learning how to make better (safer) decisions then they will begin to make better (safer) choices. If the worker starts making better decisions, they tend to take less risk.

Life is full of choices, and it is up to individuals to make decisions. Once they start to make better decisions in life, they will begin to make better choices in life. Keeping safety fresh and talking about it daily will keep safety on their mind and this will help them make better decisions and choices throughout the day.

Be safe!

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