What is Danger Tape?

Danger tape is a material that is used to block off an area or work space to keep people away from a potentially life threatening situation. Normally tis tape is made from a red plastic material and some times with a fiber reinforced plastic material. The words “DANGER” are printer through out the length of the tape in a black ink.

One thing you should remember is that you should never cross danger tape unless you are actively involved with the task that is barricaded. Always go around the area or get permission from the workers in the area before you cross in to the danger zone.

Workers should never use danger tape to barricade the area unless there is a hazard that had the potential to cause immediate bodily harm or death.danger-safety-tape_1_1.jpg

Situations when you should use danger tape:

  • Overhead Work
  • Unprotected edge
  • Open manholes
  • Equipment zone
  • Energized electrical work
  • Chemical spill

It is essential that the tape is removed when the task is done. Keeping the tape up when there is no hazard causes the tape to lose its effectiveness.

On a closing note, put a tag on your danger tape barricade. This gives other workers a way to contact you if they need access to your work area. It makes the area more efficient and lowers the risk level of people crossing the tape.

2 thoughts on “What is Danger Tape?

  1. I would love to use this article here on Site with your permission? Short and to the point…I think this article will clarify some of the barricade issues that every construction site has.



    1. Feel free to share any information on here. I find a lot of great information online and I share it in a way that everyone can understand it. We all know that when someone just doesn’t “get it” people get hurt. Thanks for your support!


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