Safety doesn’t take holidays

It’s been a little while since my last update and wanted to take a few minutes to talk about The Christmas season and safety. The holidays are a festive time but a lot of people put their guard down around this time of year. Ladder injuries raise, electrical fires raise, and alcohol consumption raises. Just because we take some time to be with our families is not a reason to put safety on the back burner. The choices we make at home or on our off time can still have a huge impact at work.

As we install lights around the house, do a quick inspection of that ladder. Heck, when was the last time you even used the ladder? Make sure you have the ladder at a proper angle and that it is setting on firm ground. Look around for electrical service lines. And lastly, always use 3 points of contact on the ladders.

When decorating your tree ask for help. When stringing your lights, make sure you are not overloading the outlet or the strand of lights. Keep your live tree watered and keep open flames away. Do an internet search for Christmas tree fires and you will see the hazards in one place, in a controlled atmosphere of course. Make certain that the decorations you use outside are rated for exterior use. Ensure you limit the use of extension cords and don’t use them under carpets, gifts, or other flammable items.

Alcohol consumption is a tricky one to address as it is accepted during this season. #1 and most important, know your limits and the limits of your friends & coworkers. Have a plan to get home if you are visiting. Never get behind the wheel of a vehicle when you have been drinking. The police force saturates the roads during this time of year be cause of the increase in DUI incidents. You will be caught so why take the chance? Check on single people and traveling workers. This is a depressing time for them and they might turn to alcohol when others are spending time with loved ones.

This is a festive time, not a time for you or any one to be spending in an emergency room. Remember, Safety doesn’t take holidays! Be safe this season.

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