Happy New Year!

Last year was very eventful for me.

Personally, I was met with many challenges. The biggest one was to resign from a safety officer position with a company that I really enjoyed working with. I did that to take on a new safety manager position with an exceptional company; however, the new position requires me to be away from home and my family a lot. Without the support of my family, it would have made the change much worse. I just wanted to thank my fiancée for her love and support during this time.

With that said, it is a new year and with it comes new challenges. This year I am going to focus more on my professional challenges. My goal is to get my Associate Safety Professional Designation (ASP) and begin studies for my ultimate goal; my Certified Safety Professional Designation (CSP).

I also plan to be more active in this site to bring you all some great information to keep your employees safe. I am still learning the in and outs of the site, so please bear with me as you all watch the site get better and better.

And remember, pass this site on to your friends and colleagues to spread this wonderful information to someone that can also benefit from it. I don’t limit any one from seeing my site. As a matter of fact, I want more people to see it. If you have any suggestions, reach out to me at thesafetyandriskspotlight@gmail.com.

Thank you and I hope you have a great New Year!


One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Shawn,

    It is a pleasure having you here on Site and look forward to working with you. This is a fairly big site and the help you will be providing here will be most appreciated.



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