Are You Hiring Your Safety Problems?

In a time where money is tight, we need to stand back and look at the workforce we hire. Things that don’t seem like a big deal during the hiring process can snowball, and ultimately, lead to an accident or injury.

Companies are often under tight time and budget restraints which lead to the possibility of hiring the “wrong” person for the job. Evaluate your workplace and take into consideration the task, environment, any special requirements, and the duration of the job. Employers that don’t do their homework and have a plan can easily end up in the same rut that other companies end up in when expanding or replacing a worker.

When a company offers low pay, few benefits, long hours, and poor leadership, you tend to have a high turnover and under qualified workers. This path points to an increase of incidents on the job. Once word gets out that your company has a culture similar to that, you soon begin to see a decrease of qualified applicants. This results in a smaller pool of potential employees and HR , in many cases, has to choose from what is available to fill an open position.

Consider challenging upper management for a more competitive pay scale, better benefits, shorter hours, or a more experienced leader/manager to motivate these employees. A little more now wil pay off in the future, especially when you see a decrease in safety type issues. When your applicants see that you care about the employees, you will see an increase in applicants. Over time, you will even see an increase in the quality of applicants as most of the under qualified applicants don’t even apply because they know the hiring process you company uses.

Employees in some of the top performing companies always touch on the pay, benefits, and culture. In these top performing companies, you will see a decrease in injuries and fraudulent injury claims. This is because these employees don’t want to risk losing the good job they have. They tend to be more safety conscious and make less risky decisions.

Are you hiring your safety problems?

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