OSHAs Top 10 citations for 2015

The National Safety Council held its yearly Congress and Expo. One thing they release every year is the Top 10 most cited violations by OSHA Compliance Officers for this past year. (the governments yearly data is calculated from October to October)

Fall Protection, 1926.501

Hazard Communication, 1910.1200

Scaffolding, 1926.451

Respiratory Protection, 1910.134

Lock Out/Tag Out, 1910.147

Powered Industrial Trucks, 1910.178

Ladders, 1926.1053

Electrical, Wiring Methods, 1910.305

Machine Guarding, 1910.212

Electrical, General Requirements, 1910.303

This list has not changed much in the last few years. Spending a little more time in these areas can really save you time and money in the future. Another point to look at is this, if OSHA were to come to your workplace, chances are that they will walk away with one or two of these citations.

Why chance it? Keep safety a #1 priority and focus on a workplace where no one gets hurt.


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