It’s been a while since I wrote my last article. I have been extremely busy changing jobs and moving across the country.

Todays article continues on our topic of the 5 senses.

Touch, how important is it? With out this important sense, it would be extremely difficult to do complex movements. Touch is one of the prime senses we use, especially with tasks that require a lot of dexterity. Imigine loosening a nut with out the feel of the part in out hands? Or not feeling your phone vibrate when you get a message.

What things do we do that can negatively impact this sense?

First, we can talk about taking care of and protecting our skin. If we get a chemical burn or suffer some type of dermititis we can easily accept that our touch sense will greatly be impaired.

Now, let’s look at how our skin reacts after an injury. If we have a bruise, there is damaged cells in that area, resulting in decreased sensation in that area of our body. The same thing can happen if we have a large or deep laceration. That can cause nerves to be completely severed, resulting in either decreased sensation or complete loos of sensation in that area of our body.

The last common injury that impacts our touch sense is the temperature. Our bodies can feel numb if we are exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. When workers are severely burned or suffer from frostbite, the victims often say that the process was not painful. Think of a sunburn. You can stay out in the sun all day and not feel anything. However, that evening you start to feel the burning sensation and by the time you go to bed, you could be in excruciating pain.

Another point that I want to bring up is how you can “feel” the way a tool is responding. Take your touch sense away and you can nolonger use that sense to ensure the tool is being used properly.

How would your life change with out touch? Most people don’t think that the sense of touch is that important. What do you think now?

Stay safe out there!

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