3 Rules for Feedback

I know I haven’t written much lately, there has been a lot going on in my life. I recently started working with a new company called Atkinson Construction. We are contracted for the City of Atlanta Watershed Project. Along with the new company came some new safety standards and rules. One thing that they preach here in a program called Speak-Up Listen-Up. One item that really stuck with me was Feedback.

There are 3 Rules for Feedback

  1. Ask Permission
    1. Ask the person working unsafely if you can talk about it.
    2. Ask them to explain why they were doing it that particular way.
    3. Don’t jump to conclusions.
  2. Get Commitment
    1. Work together, Agree on a safer way
    2. Ask for Commitment
    3. Get Commitment.
    4. Work together to come up with a safer way to complete the task.
    5. Ask if they will commit to start doing it the safer way.
  3. Follow Up
    1. Make sure they’re working safely, Don’t Give Up
    2. Offer positive recognition when you observe safe work practices.
    3. If they’re not, remind them, and let them know you are not going to  give up.
    4. If the person is working safely, it worked. Let them know that you notice.

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