Birthday Fun with the Safety Manager!


I just saw this and it made me think of some of the decisions I make at home. Although it is not that bad, I try to live my life as safe as possible. Yes, I do bring safety home with me. My challenge is how do we get our workers to do the same? I mean, if a worker values safety to the point that they need an extra pair of safety glasses from the job to go home and cut the lawn, why don’t we as safety professionals support that? I have worked with many companies in the past that really count the inventory and don’t want to give out, what they consider, too much ppe.

If we change our mindset to support safety at home, we are supporting a safe worker. That $3 pair of glasses or gloves just bought another step closer to the culture we are all striving for.

Take safety home every day! Open up conversation around the dinner table about making safe choices when doing tasks around the house. Support safety, even off the job.

Stay Safe!

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