Why Do We Mine?

The last 2 companies that I worked for involved mining. There is a great need for products that come from the earth. When I first started in that industry, I never really thought about how much we demand these items from the earth.

Did you know that every American born will need:

  • 23,408 lbs of Clays
  • 30,415 lbs of Salt
  • 1,001 lbs of Zinc
  • 1.7 million lbs of Stone, Sand, & Gravel
  • 83,890 gallons of Petroleum
  • 68,915 lbs of Cement
  • 1,078 lbs of Lead
  • 1,925 lbs of Copper
  • 1.8 oz of Gold
  • 589,974 lbs of Coal
  • 27,797 lbs of Phosphate
  • 5,929 lbs of Aluminum
  • 6 million cu. ft of Natural Gas
  • 42,581 lbs of Iron Ore
  • 69,088 lbs of other Minerals & Metals

That equals out to over 3.75 million pounds of Minerals, Metals, & Fuels in a lifetime!

So why is that important? The mining industry today is one of the most dangerous occupations. And it will remain that way for some time. There is more of a demand than ever for these products that come from the ground.

The Mining Industry has made a lot of progress over the years as there have been several large-scale and very visible mining accidents. Now, MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) visits each mine at a minimum of 2 times a year. I know OSHA will not be able to step up and meet that requirement, but that is how “us” as safety managers must step up. Become an “MSHA or OSHA” Inspector for a day and walk through your facility.

You could even conduct a safety class or a hazard identification class and get others involved in a site walk through. Encourage a new set of eyes to audit your facility and let your employees take the lead inspecting other work areas.

The demand for mined products is not going away. Let’s keep safety our number one VALUE!


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